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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Wicked indulgence …











































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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

  1. I can feel the pounds going on just looking at it!

  2. I totally agree!

  3. Well there’s another pound or two that landed on the old derriere. Yum.

  4. OMG – that looks scrummy

  5. Ah yes, but the pleasure of the pallet would be worth the pound.

  6. coolfeline on said:

    Yummm… a great indulgence 🙂

  7. Is that berry goo on top? Either way, I’m there!

  8. Oh I dunno, Oh I cant, well maybe,, oh go on then give us a piece…love it 😉

  9. Amar Naik on said:

    nice way to indulge.. but worried about calories 😀

  10. Northern Narratives on said:


  11. This is getting harder, food everywhere…..

  12. Nice photo! How very kind of you to cut us a piece so that we can indulge in your indulgeance.


  13. oh yes, this is wicked. very tempting!

  14. Wow, that looks good.

  15. chelsealeighbee on said:

    HAHAHA wicked describes it perfectly! Wicked but looks so good…

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