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Weekend Theme – Feet.


From a very young age I felt too embarrassed to allow people to see my feet.

I always envied girls with dainty, high arched feet. They could wear the prettiest sandals, take ballet classes and paint their nails.

My feet are large and flat and my big toes are the size of hammer heads.

Now that I am older and wiser, I would not trade my feet for anything in this world.

My feet take me where I want to go. They carry me without complaint. I wear any shoes I please and I’m happy to show anyone just how wonderful my feet really are.

I would rather have them just as they are, than not at all. Thank you, dear Lord for feet … in any size or shape.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Theme – Feet.

  1. Pseu on said:

    I like the footloose feel of the change in your attitude to your feet!

  2. functioning and pain-free feet are a blessing indeed

  3. Tinman on said:

    Good for you Green Eyes, glad you’re happy with them. Mine are size 6, tiny for a bloke and I used to hate that too, but you’re right, they are in fact wonderful.

  4. Amen to that! I have frequently complained about my feet too, but am very grateful to them all the same.

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